The song 'Addini Aaklak'


The song 'Addini Aaklak'

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Concert by 'The Egyptians Band Returning '




Bibliotheca Alexandrina (EG)

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The song ' Addini Aaklak 'by the Egyptians Band ' This band was one of the most famous bands in Egypt who sang songs written by famous Egyptian poets such as :Salah Jaheen, Omar Batisha and Abdel-Rahim Mansour .The band was founded by the artist Hani Shenouda in the seventies of the last century . Hani Shenouda says: ' I participated with a group of young people, and we played some Western songs; the band visited many countries such as Lebanon and Syria, and one day ,the writer Naguib Mahfouz came to see us , he was then working in the field of the press , he asked me about music and songs we performed . At that time we used to sing international songs : Italian, Spanish and French ...He asked me why I didn't sing these songs in Arabic . The band then sang Arabic songs until Shawqi Hijab and Abdul Rahim Mansour, asked Hani Shenouda to work with the album of Muhammad Munir . This was a failure because the company transferred these songs from CDs to cassettes, which was not widespread at the time, and in addition to that Mohamed Muni was unknown at the time. Here occurred the idea of ​​creating a band, Hani Shenoud participated in the first album to Munir, then they worked with the first album for ' The Egyptians band' entitled 'Bahibak la'", which achieved great success, because these songs were new to the public . Then, the company that had produced the first album, ' Alamouni Aynik' to Munir, produced a second one entitled ' Binitwaled' . Munir ,then achieved fame with sales of more than 40 thousand copies,so the company was encouraged and launched Munir's first album , 'Alamouni Aynik' once again in the market , and achieved great success. The band was founded on 8 December, 1977



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  • Library of Alexandria - Own production


Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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  • Shenouda Hani

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Live performances

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  • Art, Culture and Knowledge / Music and songs

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  • Shenouda Hani - Composer of original music

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  • 2010

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  • Egypt - Lower Egypt - Alexandria

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