Gender Equality


Gender Equality

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In Djelfa, city of 200,000 inhabitants in the highlands region, 300 km south of Algiers, the semi-nomadic society, sedentary recently, is still very conservative and old attitudes have not changed much . Women in this semi-rural area are usually "housewives", and when are allowed to work (by the father or the husband), it is often in small businesses in the informal market. To change this and allow these women to benefit from their right to work, one of these women chose to invest in civil society. Ms. Zahra Saadi , President of the association Assala (authenticity), advocates to improve the social and economic situation of poor women by helping them to create their own micro-enterprises (sheep and cattle farming, weaving, exhibitions hairdressing, sewing ...). Assala, which aims to promote the rights of women and youth, could help these women with a support from the European Commission estimated at more than 50 000 Euros, which is part of the program ONG2. About 55 women have benefited from this assistance since December 2007, to create and develop their own projects (funding and training in management and marketing). In Jordan, Nadia Chamroukh's work is not very different from that of Ms. Saadi, even if it is a larger scale, as she is at the head of the Jordanian Women's Union, a non-government that aims to abolishment of all forms of gender discrimination and the promotion of human rights. In 2007, in the framework of EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights), the Jordanian Women's Union has received support from the European Commission, aimed at home for women victims of violence and some development projects related to the home. "Touria" is a character in a Moroccan televised series, funded by the EU. The series evokes the fate of a young woman from a modest background in Casablanca. Her adventures and hopes in relation with the opposite sex, are supposed to evoke in the viewer an awareness of the need to give men and women equal opportunities, in both their private and public life . The series was adapted in novel picture ( in a monthly female magazine), and in radio story. It will also be the topic of articles in a Moroccan Arabic daily.



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  • JRTV - Coproduction


EPTV - 1st national channel

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  • Society and way of life / Education, teaching
  • Society and way of life / Family and related
  • Society and way of life / Public areas and social issues

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  • Tribach Aâmar - Director
  • El malki Mona - Journalist

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  • 2010

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  • Algeria - Centre - Djelfa
  • Jordan - Transjordan Plateau - Amman
  • Morocco - Atlantic coast - Casablanca

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