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Ina - Institut national de l'audiovisuel
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Personal data collected on the Med-Mem Site are covered by a declaration made to the CNIL, in accordance with the French Law no. 78-17 on Information Technology and Freedom (“Informatiques et Libertés”) of 6 January 1978, amended.
In accordance with the above law, you have a right to access, modify, correct and remove data about yourself.

You can exercise this right by contacting Ina:
- by post: Institut National de l’Audiovisuel – Direction juridique – 4, avenue de l’Europe - 94366 Bry-sur-Marne - France
- by e-mail: cil@ina.fr
By connecting up to the Site Med-Mem.eu Site, published and put online by Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (“the Publisher), you agree to be bound by the following General Conditions of Use.
The applicable General Conditions of Use are those which are accessible online on the Site on the date of connection to the Site.
The object of the present General Conditions of Use is to define the conditions of access and use of the Site by the User and the conditions in which Content and Services are made available by the Site.
If, after their removal from the Site, the General Conditions of Use remain nonetheless accessible to the public via other Internet sites or by any other means, they will not be binding on the Publisher. The User is therefore advised to connect directly to the Site in order to consult the General Conditions of Use which are in force.
“Med-Mem” or “the Site”: designates the Internet site accessible at the address http://www.Med-Mem.eu
“Partners”: designates the television channels, and the professional, cultural and scientific organisations which own the Euro-Mediterranean archives disseminated on the Site.
“Documents”: designates all Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual and audio items provided by the Partners that are accessible on the Site, accompanied by the metadata associated with each audiovisual or audio document.
“Documentary note”: designates the descriptive summary associated with each Document drawn up by the Partner that owns the Document.
“Editorial content”: designates the background notes and the editorial dossiers written by authors chosen by the Editorial Committee.
“Background note”: designates a note providing an insight into the historical, economic, environmental, sociological or artistic context of a Document, into the impact and influence of a significant individual or an event, or into any other relevant aspect which could enrich viewing.
“Editorial dossier”: designates a research article dealing with a question linked to one or more themes or subheadings on the Site.
“Content”: designates all items present on the Site: Documents, Documentary notes, Editorial content, Background note, Editorial dossier.
“Contributor”: designates any physical person or corporate body wishing to participate either in the enrichment of the Med-Mem Site or in the dissemination/promotion of the Site
“Contribution”: designates any participation by a Contributor wishing to enrich the Site or assist in its dissemination/promotion.
“User”: designates any physical person accessing Med-Mem and/or using one or more of the Services of Med-Mem
“Services”: designates one or all of the services provided by Med-Mem and accessible online from the Site
“Interveners”: designates the Editorial Committee, the authors of editorial content and background notes, and the translators.
“Editorial Committee”: composed of eminent persons in the field of Mediterranean humanities research, media specialists, and representatives of the Partners, who strive to ensure the balance and coherence of the editorial line.
“Cookie”: designates a small file which installs itself automatically on the User’s navigation software, enabling the Site to record navigation data.
The Med-Mem project (Sharing our Mediterranean Audiovisual Heritage), co-funded by the European Union, forms part of the Euromed Heritage 4 programme, whose main objective is to foster intercultural dialogue and the understanding of a history that is common to the countries of the Mediterranean region.
Led by Ina, the Med-Mem project was officially launched in Marseille in February 2009. It brings together 20 participants, including 14 Mediterranean television corporations, scientific institutions and professional audiovisual organisations.
The participants in the Med-Mem project have thus created a free multilingual Internet site, entitled Med-Mem, accessible at the address www.Med-Mem.eu, whose editorial content covers major themes in Mediterranean audiovisual archives of a cultural, educational, scientific and professional nature, to provide everyone with access to the Mediterranean audiovisual heritage.
The Med-Mem Site hosts and offers a selection of Euro-Mediterranean content comprising 4000 audiovisual or audio documents, provided by the Partners. The Documents, set into their historical and cultural context, are digitised and accompanied by Documentary notes in three languages (French, English and Arabic), along with Editorial content intended to set the Documents into context.
Each person who accesses the Site or any of its Services agrees to the General Conditions of Use in force, and agrees to comply with them unrestrictedly and unreservedly.
3.       CONTENT
3.1 The Site provides you with free access to Content owned by the Publisher or its Partners, and which is therefore:
-          protected by French law, and particularly by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, with regard to Content owned by the Publisher,
-          protected by law and regulations in force in the Partners’ countries, with regard to Content owned by the Partners.
Access to this Site is authorised by the Publisher to enable you to view Content for non-commercial use, as provided for and authorised by the normal functions of the Site, and under the conditions specified below.
You are not authorised to download Content or to transfer Content to third parties.
3.2 You are solely responsible for any misuse you may make of the functions offered on the Site relating to the Content, with regard to copyright, personality rights and rights of all kinds attached to the Content, and the Publisher declines all responsibility in this respect.
3.3 All use of the Site’s Content other than that indicated above, and in particular the public communication and the reproduction in whole or in part, in any way whatsoever, are expressly reserved, and are subject to the express prior authorisation of the Publisher or of its Partners. In particular, the Content may not under any circumstances be downloaded (permanently or temporarily), altered (this includes with an advertising sequence), modified, translated, deleted, exploited for payment or free of charge, or used to create a derivative work.
3.4 If you are a professional working in the audiovisual sector, education or culture, and you wish to order for professional use a Document available for consultation on the Site and to contact the Partner owning the Document, the “Basket” icon enables you to identify yourself and to send an e-mail to the relevant correspondent, who will process your order directly. The Publisher is not responsible for the response of the Partner following your e-mail.
The Site itself (in particular the architecture and tree structure, the graphic charter, the templates, the structure and the plan of the Site) is the exclusive property of the Publisher and remains protected by Intellectual Property rights (copyright, brands rights, rights of data base producer and all other rights recognised by the legislation in force). All reproduction, public communication, decompilation, disassembly, commercialisation or making available in whole or in part in any way whatsoever is expressly prohibited, without prior express agreement from the Publisher.
The Documents accessible on the Site are the property of the Partners; they are protected by the legislation in force in each Partner country.
Unless otherwise indicated, all uses of the Content other than those authorised in this document are subject to the express authorisation of the Partner owning the Content, in the case of Documents and Documentary notes, and of the Publisher, in the case of Editorial content.
The brands (in particular “Ina”) and logos of the Publisher, and the other brands and logos which appear on the Site are registered trademarks, and are thus protected by industrial property law and by all other laws in force in the legislation of the owner’s country.
All reproduction or use of these brands and logos without the express authorisation of their owners is strictly prohibited and is liable to result in legal action for infringement of copyright.
6.1 There are three categories of Contributions made by three categories of Contributors
(i)                  The Contributor who is a holder of Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual archives and wishes to enrich the Documents disseminated on the Site and to become a Partner, hereafter referred to as “Document-holding Contributor”,
(ii)                The Contributor who via his or her entity wishes to join the Site dissemination network to promote the Site, or to offer access to the Site on the entity’s premises, hereafter referred to as “Disseminating Contributor”,
(iii)               The Contributor who is a specialist of the Mediterranean (researcher, author, journalist, translator) and whose work can provide insights into Mediterranean heritage issues, hereafter referred to as “Writing Contributor”. 
(i) Document-holding Contributor
The Contributor holding Documents wishing to participate in the enrichment of the Site may propose Documents in its ownership to the Publisher by filling in the form used for this purpose, entitled “Archive holder form”, accessible on the Site under the “Project” heading.
(ii) The Disseminating Contributor may offer to become a Site dissemination relay and/or to promote the Site by filling in the form used for this purpose, entitled “Site dissemination relay form”, accessible on the Site under the “Project” heading.
(iii) A Writing Contributor wishing to join the Interveners on the Site for the writing of Editorial Dossiers can contact the Med-Mem Editorial Committee at the address contact@Med-Mem.eu, by proposing:
-          either a contribution of his or her own composition on the Mediterranean heritage
-          or an offer of his or her services as a writer and specialist in the Mediterranean heritage.
6.2 All applications to become a Contributor will be subject to validation and prior examination by the Editorial Committee.
6.3 The Contributor declares that he or she accepts that the Publisher cannot enter into any commitment concerning the time required for the examination and validation of his or her application, or concerning the sending of a nominative message giving the reasons for rejection of his or her application.
6.4 If the Editorial Committee decides not to select the Contribution of a Contributor, the Publisher is not compelled to justify, or give reasons for, its decision.
6.5 If the Editorial Committee agrees to disseminate the Documents of the Document-holding Contributor, a contract will be sent to him or her for this purpose by the Publisher.
6.6 If the Editorial Committee agrees to include the Disseminating Contributor in its list of Site dissemination/promotion relay points, a contract will be sent to it by the Publisher.
6.7 If the Publisher decides to accept the application of the Writing Contributor, he or she will be informed by the Editorial Committee and a draft contribution agreement will be sent to him or her.
7.1 Responsibility of the User
The User declares that he understands and accepts the characteristics, technical performances, limits and risks of the Internet network.
It is the User’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect his or her own data, software and hardware from contamination by any viruses or malware.
The User is solely responsible for any damage suffered by his or her computer, and for any data loss resulting from the consultation and use of the Site and its Services.
The User is solely responsible for any misuse he or she may make of the functions offered on the Site, and the Publisher declines all responsibility in this respect.
In particular, each User is solely responsible for the information and data he or she communicates in the messages he or she sends to contact@Med-Mem.eu, in the “Basket” heading or in the “Archive holder” and “Site dissemination relay” forms, and any consequences which may result, both in relation to the Publisher and to other Users.
7.2 Responsibility of the Publisher
7.2.1 The Publisher gives no guarantee of the accuracy, precision or exhaustiveness of the Content. Therefore, the Publisher declines all responsibility for any imprecision, inaccuracy, error or omission relating to the Content. Furthermore, the Publisher may in no way be held responsible for the way in which the Content is used or interpreted.
The Publisher may in no way be held responsible for data and information contained on Third Party Sites accessible from hypertext links published on the Site.
7.2.2 Technical responsibility
The Site and its Services are supplied “as is”, and are accessible with no guarantee of availability or regularity.
The Publisher will strive to make the Site and the Services accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure, or in the case of an event outside the Publisher’s control, and under reserve of maintenance periods, breakdowns, technical difficulties linked to the nature of the Internet network, malevolent acts, and any damage inflicted on the Publisher’s hardware or software.
The Publisher may interrupt access to the Site and Services for reasons of maintenance, updating or for any other technical or legal reasons. The Publisher is in no way responsible for these interruptions, and for the consequences such interruptions may have for Users.
The Publisher gives no express or implicit guarantee with regard to the following, which is a non-limitative list: the continuity, performance, and continuing existence of the Services, the conformity and compatibility of a Service with a specific use, the quality or lack of faults or defects in the Services, dispossession and non-violation of laws and regulations or of the present General Conditions of Use by Users.
The Publisher may not be held responsible for any loss, prejudice or damage, whether direct or indirect (in particular any loss of data, profit, clientele, intangible goods, loss of prospective profit, or moral prejudice), resulting from the modification, suspension, interruption or non-availability in all or in part of the Site and its Services or for any delays, errors or omissions in the transmission of Content.
In particular, the Publisher may in no way be held responsible:
  • for the reliability of the transmission of Content,
  • for transmission security problems,
  • for access times,
  • for any access restrictions on the Internet network or on networks connected to the Internet,
  • for the presence of computer viruses on the Site,
  • in the event of interruption of Site access networks,
  • in the event of failure of the User’s hardware or reception mode.
The Site respects the private life of its Users, and strictly complies with the laws in force.
8.1 - Declaration to CNIL
The personal data collected on the Site are covered by a declaration made to the CNIL, in accordance with the French Law no. 78-17 (“Informatique et Libertés”) of 6 January 1978 amended.
8.2 – Use of the personal data collected by the Site
In application of the provisions of the “Informatique et Libertés” Law of 6 January 1978 amended, the Publisher agrees to only collect, use and store the personal data communicated by the User in the “Basket” heading and in the “archive holder” and “Site dissemination relay” forms strictly for the purpose of managing the Site and its Services.
The personal data are intended for the Site Editorial Team, and will in no case be transferred, rented or exchanged.
The Publisher agrees to put in place the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the said personal data against accidental or illicit destruction, loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorised access, and to preserve their confidentiality.
The Publisher agrees to conserve personal data for a period which does not exceed that necessary for the carrying out of the purpose for which they are collected.
8.3 – Rights of access, correction and opposition
In accordance with the Law no. 78-17 (“Informatique et Libertés”) of 6 January 1978 amended, the User has a right of access, correction, modification, opposition and removal relating to his or her personal data.
The User can exercise these rights at any time:
- by post: Institut National de l’Audiovisuel – Direction juridique – 4, avenue de l’Europe - 94366 Bry-sur-Marne - France
- by e-mail: cil@ina.fr
8.4 - Cookies
The Publisher reserves the right to install cookies in order to:
  • ensure the smooth running of the Site,
  • facilitate and personalise the user of Services and navigation on the Site,
  • carry out frequentation and audience measurement analyses,
  • to ensure that the Site has appropriate hardware resources.
Cookies are conserved only for the duration of the session.
Cookies alone do not enable the identification of the User.
The User may reject or remove cookies by modifying the parameters of his or her browser as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox:
1.     Choose the “Tools” menu, and then “Options”
2.     Click on the “Private life” icon
3.     Choose the “Cookie” menu and select the options you wish.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:
1.     Choose the “Tools” menu, followed by “Internet Options”. 
2.     Click on the “Confidentiality” tab
3.     Select the desired level using the cursor.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:
1.     Choose the “Tools” menu, followed by "Internet Options".
2.     Click on the “Security” tab
3.     Select "Internet" and then "Custom Level"
4.     Choose the “Cookies” heading and select the option you wish
For Netscape 6.X et 7.X:
1.     Choose the “Edit” menu > "Preferences"
2.     Confidentiality and Security
3.    Cookies
For Opéra 6.0 and above:
1.     Choose the “File” menu > "Preferences"
2.     Private life
The User is however informed that if the browser settings are changed in this way, access to some of the functions of the site may be made difficult, or even impossible.
9.1Hypertext links to Third Party Sites
The Site may contain hypertext links towards Internet sites over which the Publisher has no control (“Third Party Sites”).
The activation of these links transfers the User from the Site, resulting in the User entering the site of a third party. Links to Third Party Sites do not constitute in any way whatsoever any approval or validation of their content by the Publisher.
The Publisher points out that Third Party Sites are subject to their own Conditions of Use and Confidentiality Policy.
Therefore, the Publisher may under no circumstances be held responsible for content on Third Party Sites, or for any personal data collection or transmission on or from Third Party Sites.
However, the Publisher will withdraw the hypertext links published on the Site if it is notified that any such links are illicit or damaging.
9.2Hypertext links to the Website
The creation of hypertext links to the Website is free, provided that it is not detrimental to the material or moral interests of the Publisher, and provided that it does not create any confusion relating to the source of the Content.
You require the following:
-          Internet Explorer >=8
-          Video viewing/audio plugins: Adobe Flash Player >=11
-          Passband >=256Kb/s                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
These general conditions of use are governed by French law.