The IBA Television


Established 1968 and today has two TV stations broadcast in Hebrew, Arabic & English. IBA has also 8 radio stations.
The TV financed by a license fee paid by the public.
Broadcasts were in black & white till 1983.color transmissions started 1984.
The TV archive
The collections of the Channel 1 TV archive are exclusive and of prominent historical value. They span the 44 years since 1968. For most of that time Channel One was the only broadcast channel and documented and took major part in forming Israeli culture and identity. We have in our hands a great part of the cultural legacy of this young nation and are obliged to guard it for the sake of future generations. The IBA TV archive is truly a National archive.
The role of the archive as a production archive obliges it to record, preserve and document all original TV productions. The archive workers are continuously involved in the production process by computer research, footage viewing and inlaying of the footage in the various programs: in-house productions and the productions of various outside users, including TV stations, production companies and independent film-makers all over the world, institutions and private users.
The archive collections
A large part of the original IBA TV productions are kept, since the first TV transmission 1968 till our days.
This resource consists of several genres in Hebrew, Arabic and English: current affairs programs, documentaries, entertainment, drama, religion, science, medicine, sports and children programs.
Med-Mem collection
The programs and clips chosen for the Med-Mem project tries to portrait the variation of people from all religions that leaves in Israel, showing the landscape through nature programs, telling the historical  background through various archeological sites, introducing the rich cultural life of Jews & Arabs through different music clips of many styles and finally introducing the gastronomic fusion in Israel an outcome of the various ethnic groups leaving in the country creating a tapestry of an interesting Mediterranean kitchen. Through our food programs one can get the colors, smells, places& people of Israel.

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