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"Halo,halo ovdje Radio Zagreb": were the first words broadcast live on the air on May, 15th 1926, thus marking the beginning of radio broadcasting in Croatia on the first Radio station to broadcast in Southeast Europe. Thirty years later, Televizija Zagreb (Zagreb Television) was established within former Yugoslavia. Political environment for radio and television in Croatia changed many times.
Four regimes have changed in 8 decades. Trough that period of time 10 000 workers left their mark in the program and built the history of HRT/Croatian Radio Televison.
In June 1990 the Croatian Parliament adopted the Act to rename radiotelevizija Zagreb/Radio Television Zagreb to Hrvatska radiotelevizija/Croatian Radio Television.
The 90-ties were the hardest period for the HRT.
During the war 80% of transmitters and more than 30% TV translators were occupied and damaged, some totally destroyed. Although the majority of transmitters were damaged, they continued to transmit from reserve locations with reduced power; until they were repaired-something that makes the HRT proud of its staff.
HRT has three TV channels and 3 Radio channels transmitting 24 hours 7 days a week.
Audiovisual Archive is the most valuable asset of the HRT with priceless cultural and historical value. Processing, storage and archiving of audiovisual materials is organized as a separate business from the beginning of television in Croatia.
Since all the AV materials have been stored in HRT's Information and Documentation Centre from the beginning of Zagreb Television up to date, regardless of political and social changes that have happened, we have accomplished the main goal; to preserve and catalogue all the contents.
Dramas, films, documentaries, concerts are our artistic legacy. Our memory.
Memory is the diary that we carry with us, said once Oscar Wilde. We are doing everything possible to stop time and keep this one, extraordinary moment in our lives.
Records, photographs, moving images, as they are stamps that are proving our existence, our identity
The identity of Mediterranean history is immersed in everyday life. Traces of Antiquity, Byzantine, Ottoman Empire, scattered through the area are integral part of our lives.
In this area, at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Mediterranean and the Balkans is Croatia.
Belonging to all these cultures makes us immensely rich. We hope that selection of titles from our archives shows all our faces, all the best of our identities. Mediterranean Memory is our diary that we will together write every day
Acting Director General of HRT
Tatjana Simic

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