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2M is a generalist channel which is unusual in that it is multilingual (Arabic, French and Amazigh).
Founded on 4 March 1989, 2M broadcast encrypted programmes for subscribers until 1996.
In January 1997, 2M – which was acquired by the state (today the majority shareholder) – began to broadcast unencrypted programmes. The channel is still however privately managed.
2M stands out in the Moroccan broadcasting scene because of its original tone, and a different approach which is always based on proximity, openness and quality. This has enabled it to build up a loyal and enthusiastic audience. 2M is today easily number one in terms of ratings.
The Soread 2M video archives
For more than 23 years, Soread 2M has been offering a vast range of complete programmes and archive sequences about the events and people who have left their imprint on the history of Morocco.
Since its foundation, 2M has conserved more than 24,000 hours of programmes. Most of them were produced by the channel itself (or are coproductions or commissioned programmes): news programmes, magazine programmes, entertainment programmes, children’s programmes, debates, drama, religious and cultural programmes, game shows, etc. The archives of 2M constitute an audiovisual memory in themselves, and a collection of great historic value. They provide precious insights into our history, and are unique and unavailable from any other source.
From the first, it has been the policy of 2M to conserve all the rushes of the programmes produced. The rushes are then sorted according to their interest and importance, before being compiled, indexed, analysed and put into the archives. As a result, quite a large image bank has been built up, which enables us to respond to all internal and external requests for the making of future programmes, either at 2M, or to sell to external producers or broadcasters.
Abdelhamid KARIM – Head of Audiovisual Documentation
Asma MARWANE – Research Assistant

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