Med-Mem for professionals

Med-Mem for professionnals

As an audiovisual, educational or cultural professional, you may wish to order a document available for consultation on the MedMem website, and get in touch with the rights holder:
The basket icon enables you to identify yourself and to send an email to the contact, who will deal directly with your order.
Commonly developed tools:
- The Med-Mem charter, adopted by all participants
The Med-Mem charter illustrates the common determination to include audiovisual archives in the collective heritage It is intended to promote the implementation of measures to safeguard the heritage, and to continue disseminating it to future generations, in particular by using the Med-Mem platform.
Its adoption is compulsory for those wishing to join the Med-Mem platform.
A safeguard manual
A methodological tool presenting the main stages necessary for implementing the audiovisual archive safeguard measures, this manual features a wide range of case studies and feedback from the main participants.
It is available in 3 languages (French, English and Arabic).
- A guide of best legal practices
The exploitation of audiovisual archives for cultural, educational or commercial purposes is governed by international legislation and national laws, aimed at ensuring that intellectual property rights are respected in the interest of all rights holders. This guide sets out the legal framework, and offers tools to facilitate its implementation. It is available in 3 languages (French, English and Arabic).