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The network of networks for more than 15 years, COPEAM brings together more than 100 organisations from the Euro-Mediterranean region, including 35 public broadcasters. In order to make the most of these rich sources – in the framework of the Med-Mem project – we have decided to put online radio coproductions made under the auspices of our Radio Commission, and a number of magazine programmes produced as part of the European project Euromed-News.
The 19 radio portraits of legendary footballers break down geopolitical frontiers to engage with the public by focusing on the sport which is the most widely known and played in the world. Hassan Akesbi, Gigi Riva, Dominique Colonna, Hossam Hassan and 15 other heroes tell us about their professional careers, their exploits and their defeats, and their personal lives, in a period when football was more than just a business.
The series “The legendary ports of the Mediterranean”, whose executive producer is France Bleu Frequenza Mora, aims to showcase the great ports: places of passage, sharing, interchange, narratives and intercultural dialogue. The 12 documents take us to magnificent landscapes, with evocative and legendary names, such as Alexandria, Cartagena, Piraeus and Zadar.
Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and the latest news about our mare nostrum are the focus of the magazine programmes of Euromed-News, an international coproduction initiative which has no equivalent anywhere else in the world, piloted by France Télévisions and coordinated by COPEAM, with 6 public television corporation partners from the southern shores: EPTV-Algeria, JRTV-Jordan, SNRT-Morocco, ERTU-Egypt, Téléliban (Lebanon) and ORTAS/Syria.
The documents chosen for the Med-Mem corpus, made by the Algerian, Jordanian and Egyptian TV corporations, deal with topics of regional interest such as water problems, agriculture, women and the environment.
COPEAM is delighted to share this common heritage with all Web users.
Paola Parri

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